Alex From Target Becomes Latest Internet Celebrity Whose Privacy We Will Now All Invade

Beware he whom is found cute by 14 year old girls.

  • UPDATE: It turns out that Alex From Target's virality was planned and executed by a marketing company called Breakr. I complain about the inorganic nature of viral content here.

  • It all started with a Sunday morning tweet.

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    Yes, she thought this guy named Alex who works at Target was cute, so she tweeted a photo of him. Suddenly, without any warning, the Internet started to care. It's been retweeted and favorited thousands of times, and nobody knows why.

    The original tweeter, auscalum, now has 15,000 followers, who now all get to get treated to wisdom like this.

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    The Internet works organically. It is the truest form of democracy. And the democratic process has resulted in this. That's why the Teen Choice Awards are pointless.

    Fortunately for Alex, is seems he has embraced his new found fame. He seems delighted with the 411,000 followers he now has on Twitter.

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    At least he has haters as well.

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    Man, one person tweets a picture of you and all of a sudden you're supposed to be more than just a teenager?

    And of course there are already fake Twitter accounts, memes, and all the rest that this comes with. All in just a single day.

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