Jessica Simpson And Husband Take Sexy Photos For Valentine's Day

The hashtag is #50ShadesofJohnson.

  • Jessica Simpson. Here's what she's up to: she's married to former NFL tight end Eric Johnson. The couple have two kids together: Maxwell and Ace. Her last album was 2010's Happy Christmas. Oh, and she's taking 50 Shades of Grey-themed photos with her husband and posting them to Instagram.

  • Source: instagram.com / Via: instagram.com

    The photos are titled "V-Day #FIFTYSHADESOFJOHNSON" and depict the couple in suggestive but not quite NSFW poses.

  • Source: instagram.com / Via: instagram.com

    The comments range from "Love it girl! You do you!" to "This is private why are you showing this your kids could see it and it would hurt them for life they'll become murderers" to "Hot. Lol. I just started following you because of this."

  • Source: instagram.com / Via: instagram.com

    This one is titled "I'm so in love with you" so it seems the photos are something of a Valentine's Day gift from Simpson to Johnson. She's adequately covered up in all of them, so Instagram shouldn't have a problem. They've got their hands full with Chelsea Handler.

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