Watch the First Ever "Super Mario Bros." Commercial

Mario has the ultimate #TBT

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Way back in 1985, before most of the world had ever heard of Nintendo, this commercial aired. Super Mario Bros. turns 30-years-old this year, so why not look back on where it all began: just a simple plumber, eating mushrooms, running as far right as he can.

    The rough translation, provided by uploader Satoshi Matrix, reads:

    "It's the Family Computer's Dream Adventure Game, Super Mario Bros.!
    With a mysterious power, [Mario] gains a great transformation!
    Explore the earth,
    the sea,
    the sky,
    and much more to see in this complete world.
    It's Super Mario Bros!
    Also available is the ultimate kung-fu challenge.
    Spartan X"

    You could certainly say Mario's 30-year career has been a "dream adventure". But what ever happened to Spartan X?

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