Ariana Grande to Drop YouTube Docuseries TOMORROW – ‘The Dangerous Woman Diaries’

Is Grande taking a page from Shane Dawson?

Imagine how great Shane Dawson’s influence is over the world of YouTube is when no less than Ariana Grande is following his lead. Docuseries, once the province of the supremely nerdy, is now the medium of choice for Ariana Grande to collectively blow our minds. You see, Ariana Grande, as part of her massive build up to her upcoming album “Thank u next”, tomorrow Ariana Grande is surprise dropping a four episode long docuseries about her “Dangerous Woman” tour and the creation of her “Sweetnr” record.

That’s some fertile ground to cover, right!? That includes her courtship with Pete Davidson, her break up from Mac Miller, and more. The series was directed by her frequent collaborator Alfredo Flores. While in the past YouTube featured documentaries from Demi Lovato and Katy Perry (titled Simply Complicated and Witness World Wide respectively), this is the first time a massive star such as Grande took inspiration from a YouTuber such as Dawson.

The series is to premiere tomorrow on Ariana Grande’s YouTube channel with its first episode. YouTube Premium subscribers will be able to stream all episodes early, so if you’re a YouTube Red subscriber, this is incredible news for you.

What do we hope to learn from the series? Quite a bit. Ariana Grande has been a source of mystery for her fans and casual listeners alike. Her relationship and break up with Pete Davidson revealed a sensitive, brilliant and passionate person. Her disappearance from the public eye, however short lived, showed someone who is human above all else, and her recent dunking on Piers Morgan showed a woman who will not take any sh*t from anyone. Ariana Grande is a brilliant force of nature, and I, for one, am ready to learn more about her.

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