Don’t Miss This Amazing Gymnast’s Viral Hip-Hop Routine

The internet can’t get enough of this woman’s moves.

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  • If you’ve been anywhere near Facebook lately, you’ve seen this amazing hip-hop floor routine from gymnast Sophina DeJesus - but don’t let that stop you from watching it a few dozen more times.

    The UCLA senior brought down the Pac 12 Conference over the weekend with a floor routine that involved some amazing tumbling and some sick dance moves.

    The likely-all-white judging panel seemed as baffled by the quan, whip and nae nae as I am, but she looked amazing and stuck all her landings, including a final flip that dropped straight into the splits.

    She had the whole stadium dancing along and demanding a 10-point score, and she got really close, with a 9.925.

    Our host Ava Gordy has more:

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