So, How About That Oiled-Up Tongan Flagbearer, Huh?

The 2016 Summer Olympics are off to a glistening start.

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  • With the Olympic Games officially underway in Rio, it’s a time for the world to contemplate the coming together of nations in a historic celebration of athletic prowess, world peace and cultural diversity.

    Or we could just talk about that oil-drenched Tongan guy from the opening ceremony, that’s cool too.

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  • During the Parade of Nations, the internet ground to a halt over the Tongan flagbearer, dressed in traditional garb and glistening with oil from the waist up. And let’s be real, it may have been an excessive amount of oil, but if this guy doesn’t have the torso for it then nobody does.

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  • Before any thirsty men and women book their tickets for Tonga, here’s a bit of helpful information from Fox Sports:

    His name is Pita Taufatofua, taekwondo fighter. He was the first athlete to qualify for Rio from his country after winning gold in the 80+ kg competition at the Oceania Olympic Tournament. Taufatofua is the first Tongan to ever make it into the taekwondo tournament at the Olympics.

    Our boy actually lives in Brisbane, Australia, where he works with homeless kids, because of course he does. He also has an Instagram account where he’s pictured slightly less shiny and shirtless, if that kind of thing interests you — and it’s already been swamped with adoring comments.

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  • I can’t wait to see what the ratings look like for the taekwondo competition this year. NBC must be scrambling to ensure coverage of Taufatofua’s rounds as we speak.

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