North and South Korean Olympic Athletes Take Adorable Selfie Together

It's pretty much the best.

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  • Clearly these Olympians know what friendship is about!

    Despite the increasingly xenophobic and ethnocentic nature North Korean politicians, North and South Korean Olympians have put the politics of their countries aside and embraced each other for an adorable selfie.

    It's been over 70 years since Korea was split in two, and it's amazing to see despite the circumstances back home, Lee Eun-ju of South Korea and Hong Un-jong of North Korea have appeared to establish a sweet friendship. The two girls posed together for a selfie, and it appears that they have way more diplomacy in them than their home countries.

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  • The media is already calling the photo the most iconic picture from the games, and saying that it encompasses the very motto the Olympics purports, "Placing sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind."

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