Andy Richter Calls Out Nash Grier Over Stolen Twitter Joke

It looked like Nash copy/pasted a joke from comedian Jonny Sun.

  • NOTE: It looks like Andy Richter (and What's Trending) got fooled by a Nash Grier fan account. The point about stealing jokes still stands, though.

    Forget Drake and Meek - the real drama today is between comedian Andy Richter and Vine star Nash Grier over a stolen joke on Nash’s Twitter feed.

    Richter publicly called out Grier over this joke and notified Twitter, which has recently begun deleting stolen jokes on copyright grounds.

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    Jonny/Jomny Sun, known for his cartoon avatar and offbeat misspelled humor, is a Canadian comedian who took up Twitter as a creative outlet after leaving sketch comedy - so Grier stealing his joke is more than just being rude, it also affects his career.

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    Sure enough, someone did some digging and found the same joke, with the exact same wording, on Jonny’s feed from October 2014. Grier basically copy/pasted the whole thing, complete with Jomny’s signature syntax.

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    Jonny appreciated the support from Andy Richter, retweeting him and sending his thanks. Comedians have to stick together, after all.

    Finally, this from Richter:

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    Stay in your lane, Nash.

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