Celebs Take Naked Selfies in Support of Kim Kardashian

We’re not sure how we feel about this naked selfie party.

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  • Is Kim Kardashian empowered and liberated for posting nude pictures of herself to Instagram, or is it just an easy ploy for attention? Or both? It’s getting pretty hard to figure that out as this story stretches into its fourth straight day - now with a bunch of other (mostly skinny, white, conventionally pretty) celebrities joining in.

    Kim’s nude selfie has now turned into a trend, with several celebs posting their own nudes. Emily Ratajkowski, best known for the “Blurred Lines” video and “Gone Girl,” posted this one with the caption “What to wear tonight?” while Courtney Stodden jumped on board with this one to promote her new single.

    Because yay, sexual liberation and women’s empowerment! Also, buy our merch.

    My feminism is struggling a bit with this one, I have to say.

    Still, Ellen DeGeneres’ contribution where she revealed she was chilling in Kim K’s bathtub the whole time was pretty funny, and this picture from Sharon Osbourne at least celebrates older women’s bodies in a way we don’t often see these days.

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