Inside Chrissy Teigan’s Fancy Baby Shower

The fanciest part? McDonald’s catering.

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  • This past Saturday, Chrissy Teigan celebrated quite the extravagant baby shower in LA with friends and family. Her BFF Kim Kardashian hosted the party, and WOW is all we have to say. Of course, the Kardashian Klan went all out to honor the mom-to-be because duh, who wouldn’t expect a crazy celebration when Kim K. is your host?!

    The Kardashian sisters, especially Kourt, are known to be obsessed with the mom job, so to welcome Chrissy into the club, they planned a shower with McDonald’s catering, high fashion pics and their own personalized Snapchat filter.


  • So, since Chrissy consistently posts about her cooking and food obsession, we’re guessing it must have been a special cheat day with McDonald’s and junk food galore.

    Nonetheless, the star looked fabulous as always, posing for adorable pics with her best friends. If it’s a Kardashian party, there’s going to be cameras and tons of social media attention. See some of the best shots below!

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  • There’s no doubt. This baby has one pretty freakin’ cool mom–and aunts!

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