Lorde Is Taking Lucky Fan to Governors Ball

We're totally jealous!

  • The Governors Ball in NYC is one of the hottest musical festivals of the summer featuring artists like Chance the Rapper, Logic, Lorde, and more.

    In town for the festival, Lorde stopped in for a smoothie at Liquieria where she met fan, Emely Paula. Naturally, Emely whipped out her phone to document the exciting moment, because why not?! What are the chances that your first day on the job includes serving your favorite musician?

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  • As if that wasn't enough, Lorde later reached out to Emely via Twitter asking if she would like to attend the music festival.

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  • What I love most about this exchange is that Lorde admitted to being too shy to ask Emely in person. Oh, celebrities. We may fangirl over them, but they certainly fangirl over their own fans as well.

    Once the rest of Lorde's fanbase got wind of this, congratulatory messages for Emely started pouring in. I mean, yeah… we were all a little jealous initially, but it's all good. We are all living through you, Emely!

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  • How would you react to Lorde (a) visiting you at work, (b) sliding into your Twitter DMs, and (3) inviting you to Governor's Ball? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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