UK YouTube Stars Sam Pepper and Mazzi Maz Tease Their "We Don't Give a F***k Tour"

UK YouTube Stars Sam Pepper and Mazzi Maz Tease Their "We Don't Give a F***k Tour"

  • Sam Pepper and Mazzi Maz have made their names online with outrageous pranks, stunts, tattoos and comedy. Now they're hitting the road, bringing their insane shenanigans to LA's Avalon Theater on September 13, and hopefully around the rest of the world later this year with their "We Don't Give a F--k" tour. In this exclusive interview, the dynamic duo give Shira Lazar a sneak preview of their tour plans - including all the ridiculous props they've purchased - and give advice for getting strangers to make out with you.

    "It's like The Beatles all over again," Sam says of British YouTubers taking over LA. And now they'll get to greet their international fanbase on tour! "We just want to meet some of our viewers and hang out."

    Though Mazz tries to convince us that they have no idea what they're doing Sam reveals, "We've put together an hour-long set, which is - it's just full of craziness." Expect to see giant inflatable hamster balls, straight jackets, confetti canons, giant inflatable penises, and possibly some hookers.

    Also, remember that time Mazz got pranked at VidCon by a "psycho fan"? He was actually scared out of his mind. "For real," he says. "I had no idea. She had a taser." Check out Shira Lazar getting pranked, too!

    Next stop, back to Europe! Mazz assures us, "We are planning to blow this sh*t up and do it everywhere."

    While we had them in the studio, we had to ask to the boys to explain some of their craziest tweets, from naked tweeting to wise rambles. Check out what they had to say for themselves.

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