RIP Nyan Cat: A Musical Tribute by Keyboard Cat

RIP Nyan Cat: A Musical Tribute by Keyboard Cat

  • Courtesy of What's Trending, YouTube's famous Keyboard Cat pays a chill, musical tribute to Marty the cat - the inspiration behind the wildly famous Nyan Cat Internet sensation - who passed away this Thursday from Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

    The lovable, 8-bit, rainbow-trailed, Pop-Tart-bodied feline meme, created by Marty's owner Chris Torres, celebrated its first anniversary back in April 2012 after taking the web by storm with viral YouTube videos, parodies, merchandising, and more.

    While you're suffering through this grieving period, check out Mashable's full obituary and just know that Nyan Cat will forever live on in our hearts and web browsers.

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