11 Celebrities Losing Their Minds Over Their Obsessions

Emma Stone, who cried recently over a personal message from the Spice Girls' Mel B., isn't the only celeb fan. From sloths to Beyonce, these stars are in love.

  • 11) Seth Meyers And Bill Hader At Marvel Comics X-Mas Party

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    Seth Meyers as Blue Beetle? Bill Hader as a Tauntaun from Star Wars? The SNL co-stars talk about that, hanging at the Marvel Christmas party, helping out Ed Brubaker and nerding out over comic book artists they love.

    This video was shot when the two were new to the SNL cast, before they shot to fame, and so it's super endearing to see them fanboy about getting to meet their idols.

  • 10) Jim Carrey confesses his love for Emma Stone

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    This Jim Carrey freakout over Emma Stone went viral because people found it alternatively creepy and adorable. You be the judge.

  • 9) Emma Stone Brought to Tears by Mel B!

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    Emma also sings some of Mel's rap verse from "Wannabe."

  • 8) Robert Downey Jr Sings With Sting

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    Robert Downey Jr. loves Sting and The Police, and looks moved to be singing with him on stage. It's a really cool moment, and RDJ can even do an awesome Sting impression.

  • 7) Demi Lovato Duets With Kelly Clarkson

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    For Demi, meeting Kelly Clarkson was a dream that actually came true. This video chronicles how a tween Demi dreamed of singing with Kelly, all the way to her getting to do it.

  • 6) Nicole Richie Performs With Britney Spears

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    When Brit Brit calls big-time fan Nicole Ritchie to the stage, Ritchie's mind is blown.

  • 5) Jennifer Lawrence meets Jeff Bridges

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    Jennifer Lawrence actually runs away from Jeff Bridges because she's too overwhelmed.

  • 4) Selena Gomez Meeting Shia

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    Selena Gomez, like J-Law, also takes off running once she realizes she's about to meet her obsession.

  • 3) Anna Kendrick and Beyonce At The Grammys

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    Kendrick posted this picture of herself losing her mind while meeting Beyonce at the Grammys. The look on her face is composed compared to how any of us would react.

  • 2) Gabourey Sidibe Tops 'Nsync Trivia

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    American Horror Story's Sidibe is the most devoted 'Nsync fan in the world. She answers trivia about them that even they might not know and gets to meet boy bander Lance Bass. Check out the whole interview here.

  • 1) Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown

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    Kristen Bell loves sloths. You might even say she's obsessed with them. She told Ellen about what happened when her boyfriend, Dax Shepard, introduced her to one for the first time, and if it's too hard to believe, she brought the footage to prove it.

    This is the ULTIMATE celebrity fan freakout and it's about sloths. Just think about that.

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