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One Helpful Dog Is On A Mission To Return Lost Items To KLM Airline Passengers

He's there to make sure you're reconnected with your lost teddy bear or iPhone.


    Mashable is reporting that - based on a discovery by Reddit user Moracin - the KLM ad featuring Sherlock the Dog is, in fact, fake. The dog is not employed by the airline, but is just used in the ad to symbolize the effort KLM employees will put in to returning items lost by customers.

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  • Can you think of a better way to be reunited with your lost belongings than having a cheerful dog greet you with them?

    The KLM Airlines Lost and Found team at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is dedicated to making sure their passengers get their lost items back. Their crew checks the plane after every flight and they also monitor social media, but they've recently found a new way to get you back your belongings: A talented dog!

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