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Will It Bend?: iPhone 6 Plus #Bendgate Controversy Rages On!

Reports of iPhone 6 Plus's bending in users' pockets have set off a firestorm of online criticism. How will Apple respond?

  • Consumers just got their hands on Apple's brand-new 5.5" iPhone 6 Plus, but complaints are already rolling in about a potential design flaw. Due to the flexible aluminum used to construct the phone, apparently it has a tendency to warp slightly in the middle after being carried around inside users' pockets.

    The controversy surrounding this issue - to which Apple PR has yet to respond - has come to be known as "BendGate." So far, over 23,000 tweets have been posted including the #BendGate hashtag, with #Bendghazi also proving a popular repository for bent iPhone arguments and parodies.

    Here's a few of our favorite tweets:


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