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What if The Matrix Were an Old School NES Game?

In the latest "8 Bit Cinema" from Cinefix, the Wachowski's mind-bending sci-fi thriller goes retro.

  • The Matrix - 8 Bit Cinema

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    Take the red pill and enjoy this pixellated tribute to one of the key science-fiction films of the '90s. The geniuses from Cinefix have done it again, imagining an original Nintendo Entertainment System adaptation of the classic action-thriller "The Matrix."

    Many scenes from the original film (not the inferior sequels!) are recreated here, including the kung fu training sequence, the lobby shootout and the infamous "bullet time" fight against the mysterious Agents.

    Previous editions of Cinefix's flagship segment have included "The Avengers," "Mean Girls" and, of course, "The Shining."

  • The Shining - 8 Bit Cinema

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