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Jimmy Fallon Fits Right In With One Direction

13 Dudes Singing "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"

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    As they are want to do, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots played a Christmas classic on children's musical instruments, and invited a few children (One Direction) to join them. It sounds a little bit like a kindergarten cacophony, but it is great to see the complete list of instruments at their disposal. From the video description:

    Jimmy Fallon - wood block, Casio keyboard
    Harry - kazoo, bass drum
    Niall - banana shaker
    Louis - tambourine
    Liam - coconuts
    Zayn - triangle
    Questlove - hand clackers
    Mark Kelley - Fisher Price drum, kazoo
    Kamal Gray - xylophone
    James Poyser - melodica
    Captain Kirk - ukulele
    Tuba Gooding Jr. - toy saxophone
    Frank Knuckles - bongos
    Black Thought - sleigh bells

    Side note: I had no idea The Roots added a guy named Tuba Gooding Jr. (real name: Damon Bryson) to perform with them on The Tonight Show.

    It's also notable that Liam from One Direction is on the coconuts, which begs the question of how coconuts got to New York City, it being a tropical fruit. I mean, I get that swallows migrate and could grip a coconut by the husk, but it's a simple question of weight ratio. A five ounce bird can hardly carry a one pound coconut.

    Hmmm...but supposing two swallows carried it together. They'd use a standard creeper held under the dorsal guiding feathers.

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    Very well.

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