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#TrumpYourCat is the Latest Annoying Meme for Donald Trump

His presidential campaign isn't off to the greatest start.

  • I really didn't want to cover Donald Trump, but once pictures of cute kitties on Instagram got involved we were sort of obligated to.

    A new trend called #TrumpYourCat is getting big on Instagram, featuring people piling tufts of fur on their cats' heads to give them little wispy Trump toupees. It's catching on like crazy, with dogs and horses and guinea pigs getting in on the action. So adorbs.

    Maybe Trump started this whole trend himself to distract from that unfortunate tweet with the picture of Nazi soldiers he sent out yesterday, or that "rapists" comment about Mexican immigrants that caused NBC and Univision and a bunch of other people to distance themselves from him, or all the other slow-motion trainwrecks he keeps causing since he announced his run for President.

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