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Ghostface Responds to Action Bronson... and It's Hurtful

Hip hop's latest beef finally comes to YouTube

  • Throughout his career, Action Bronson has been frequently compared to Ghostface Killah of the iconic Wu-Tang Clan. His rapping, that is. He's a white guy with a huge crazy beard - no one's mixing them up on the street.

    Anyway, about a month ago, Bronson went on ESPN's "SportsNation" and talked a bit about the constant comparisons. Things started off well enough - he said comparisons between rappers are inevitable, like comparing Coke to Pepsi, and pointed out that he was flattered to be mentioned alongside "one of the greats." So far, so good, A.B.!

    But then things took... a turn. Responding to another anchor's praise of his own work, Bronson added "he's not rapping like this no more." It was widely seen as a diss on Tony Starks, even by the other panelists, implying that his latest releases aren't as good as his Wu-Tang work, or classic solo albums like "Supreme Clientele" and "The Pretty Toney Album."

    What? You're not intimately familiar with 2004's "Fishscale"? Literally how dare you.

  • Ah, that's better.

    Anyway, Ghostface himself has finally responded, with this 6.5 minute anti-Bronson rant. Things get ugly quick.

  • Over the soothing tones of Teddy Pendergrass's song "Be For Real," Ghostface really gives it to Bronson, calling him a little fat fuck, threatening to burn his beard and gut him like a pig. Ghost even states outright that Bronson does not have permission to speak his name in public. It's quite direct.

    Bronson, for his part, has responded to the rant with kindness and apologies on Twitter.

  • Will Ghostface accept A.B.'s apology? Or is this destined to become a feud of Eminem vs. Everlast proportions? (No, really, that happened. I promise.) What's Trending will keep following this important story.

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