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When You Graduate Just in Time for Fourth Meal

Time for pomp, circumstance and cheesy gordita crunches

  • High school senior Brittany Nicole Creech of St. Louis, Missouri, wanted her senior pictures to reflect her real life and personality, rather than some staged, generic glamour shots.

    So obviously, she opted to take pictures in and around her local Taco Bell, because when you think about teenagers who dare to be different and tread their own path, you think of a licensed brand owned by the international conglomerate Yum! Foods. It's just obvious.

  • Taco bell

    Creech told Buzzfeed News that she took some more traditional pictures outside, "but I also wanted something a little more fun.” Though all of her friends thought it was funny, and she's going to push to have them recognized as her official senior portraits, but she's not 100% sure the administration is going to accept them.

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    Since Brittany first uploaded the photos to Facebook on Friday, they've been steadily getting shared around the Web. By Saturday morning, she was already being recognized by the official Taco Bell Twitter account.

  • Today, she's been freaking out after being featured in the Taco Bell Snapchat Story.

  • So, kids, let that be a lesson to you. Want attention online from your favorite corporate brands? Just use your senior photos to promote their core messages to a favored demographic! Simple!

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