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Beautiful Taiwanese McDonald's Employee Becomes an Internet Celebrity

She's been big in Taiwan for a while, but now Western countries are discovering her.

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    A beautiful fast food cashier has become an Internet celebrity in Taiwan, where she’s become known as “The McDonald’s Goddess."

    Her name is Wei Han Xu, but she’s known as WeiWei to fans. She’s also been given the nickname “Haitun,” which roughly translates as “dolphin” - because dolphins are cute, I guess?
    WeiWei's become so popular in Taiwan, she’s already appeared on TV there a number of times, on various variety shows and game shows. Now she’s getting big in Western countries as well.

    She wrote on social media, “In these few days, I received a lot of message from people that had different backgrounds. I was shocked because in my point of view, it is just an old news in Taiwan. I would like to say thank you to all the attentions, thank you so much to concern about me."

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