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Strangers Play Real Life First Person Shooter on Chat Roulette

There's a zombie apocalypse happening on the other side of this connection!

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    So, this is definitely the coolest thing I've seen this morning. RealmPictures on YouTube decided to stage a real life first person shooter game and have strangers on popular video chat site, Chat Roulette, help guide him through it. Watch as these strangers bark orders, trying to safely get their player to safety.

    This is one of the more inventive uses of sites like Chat Roulette and Omegle that we've seen. It's without question the most elaborate, and we're assuming time consuming as well. Considering they had quite a few people play, meaning they had to act out this game a number of times.

    Watch the full video:

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    What's your favorite Chat Roulette or Omegle video? Link us in the comments below or tweet us @WhatsTrending! For our favorite, we're going to pick this Steve Kardynal classic.

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