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Homeless Sick Dog Rescued by "Hope for Paws"

Aaron the puppy is safe with a foster family, but he's still looking for a forever home.

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  • A new Hope For Paws video details the rescue of a homeless and sick dog that was found living under cars in a parking lot for seven months, and we spent most of the morning crying over it.
    Hope For Paws is an organization that rescues dogs and helps them find new homes, and they’ve gone on some amazing missions to help animals in need. This Sealyham Terrier/Jack Russel mix, Aaron, was running a fever and infested with fleas, ticks and mange when they found him. Once he was cleaned up, though, he was cuddly and adorable (click through for the original video):

  • As of right now, Aaron is safe with a foster family but has still not found a forever home. If you’re in the general LA area, you can adopt him or plenty of other dogs who need homes at

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