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Six Brothers React to Their New Baby Sister

They are all some combination of excited and weirded out.

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    It’s been a long week full of stories about jerks and annoying people, so lets enjoy some adorable babies for a change.

    The six Lair brothers - Jackson, Shepherd, Knox, Campbell, Houston, and Sawyer - just brought home their new baby sister, Ruby, and their parents put all their reactions on camera.

    It’s all very cute, with Ruby sleeping like a log while her brothers stare at her and give her kisses and try to imagine what life will be like with a girl in the house. One of them, seven-year-old Sawyer, gets a bit choked up and swears that if anyone tries to kidnap her, he’ll join a police force and go find her and lock the culprit up for a thousand years. (I’m sensing an action movie pitch here…)

    Personally, my favorite is this little guy with his wacky voice (click for sound!):

  • As an added bonus, we’ve also covered two-year-old Kennedy who swears a college football player is her boyfriend and gets really angry when her dad tells her she can’t have a boyfriend “until you’re fifty,” which is pretty freaking unreasonable, Kennedy’s dad!

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