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This Drunk Bro Wants His Mac & Cheese

"This is America!"

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    19-year-old Luke Gatti really wanted food from UConn’s Union Street Market the other night, but the manager refused to serve him, since he was drunk and drinking inside the restaurant.

    And that’s when things got messy and embarrassing.

    Gatti refused to leave until he was served his bacon jalapeño mac & cheese because 1) he would pay for it, 2) this is a fucking joke and 3) this is America!

    After repeatedly being asked to leave by the manager and employees, the kid started shoving the manager and was wrestled to the ground. He was later arrested by campus police.

    Must have sucked for the manager, the employees working that night and all the other customers who were trying to enjoy their own meals. Don’t be drunk and stupid in public, guys.

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