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Koko the Gorilla Gets Two New Kittens, Internet Explodes

Love of kittens is something gorillas and people on the internet can agree on.

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    Koko the gorilla, a kindhearted animal famous for speaking sign language, got to pick out two new kittens from a litter for her 44th birthday this week, and we don’t know how to handle the cute.

    If you’ve followed Koko’s story, you probably know that she can understand 2,000 words of English and has used them to express complex emotions - including her grief when her previous pet cat All Ball was hit by a car.

    But now she has two new cats, Ms. Gray and Ms. Black, and the video of Koko playing with them is blowing up the internet. It has over a million YouTube views in just three days.

    Here’s the full version:

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