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Man Rescues Injured Baby Deer

The little fawn was abandoned by its mother after hurting its leg.

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    This story about a baby deer is so sweet. It’s almost like “Bambi,” except for instead of the mother deer dying, she straight-up abandons her fawn because it has an injured leg.

    Isn’t nature beautiful?

    YouTuber “honeysada” watched an injured baby deer get left behind and decided to rescue it and nurse it back to health, all while making a 17-minute video about its recovery. He took the fawn home, made a leg brace for it and fed it out of a bottle.

    Before long the little animal was romping around with his cats and dogs, and was so comfortable with him that it came running back when he tried to release it back into the wild.

    You’ll be glad to know the deer eventually made it back to its family, where I hope it had a long discussion with its mother about its abandonment issues.

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