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Parents Will Allow Terminally-Ill Child to Pass Away at Home

Five-year-old Julianna Snow told her parents she would rather die at home than go through another painful treatment.

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    The story of a dying child’s wish to pass away at home has become an intense and heartbreaking debate about quality of life, euthanasia, and the agency of children to make these decisions.

    Five-year-old Julianna Snow has been living with a rare, incurable disease for her whole life. It's called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, named for the French and British doctors that discovered it.

    A common cold virus could kill her. Even if hospital treatments are able to keep her alive, she will have a very low quality of life.

    Julianna told her parents that the next time she has to go to the hospital for a painful treatment, she would rather stay home and pass away. Her mother, Michelle Moon, wrote a blog post about their family's experience, and says she's told her daughter she'll be going to heaven.

    This is obviously a very controversial topic, with people debating whether or not a child can make the decision to end their life.

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