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Mom Has Epic Rant About School Drop-Off Zones

This is what really pisses you off when you have children, apparently.

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    Mommy vloggers intimidate the crap out of me.

    Having reached my age without becoming a wife or mother, I only vaguely know what Jenny Ingram is talking about in her rant about why you must pull your car forward in the school drop-off - so it’s that much more confusing and alarming to see how worked up she gets when people do it wrong.

    According to Ingram, the first rule of school drop-offs is pull forward - you know, kind of like Fight Club. She also links to her friend Martha who wrote the “Top Ten Ways You’re Doing School Drop-Off Wrong,” including parking in the pull-through lane, opening doors for 10-year-olds and showing up unshowered with no bra on.

    So these are just a select few of the many, many things that other moms will judge you and your children for, struggling to contain outbursts of pure rage, if you make a mistake while dropping your children off at school.

    I think I’ll just stick to owning a cat.

    Anyway, if you’re a mother and a fan of Jenny’s rather intense parenting and homemaking advice, you can check out more of her stuff at her blog, Jenny On The Spot.

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