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Psy is Back With This Crazy "Daddy" Music Video ft. CL!

Will this follow in the viral footsteps of "Gangnam Style"?

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    Just when we were starting to worry that 2015 would end without more material from the King of Weird YouTube, South Korean pop superstar Psy is back with not one but TWO bizarre music videos.
    Both are from his new album, Chiljib PSY-Da, and the one getting the most attention called “Daddy,” a gender-swapped version of’s “I Got It From My Mama.”

    Along with some sweet new dance movies, Psy gets to dress up like a balding old man riding around on a scooter, and superimpose his head on other people’s bodies in a way that’s not disturbing at all.
    The second video is a bit less bizarre but still really catchy, called “Napal Baji" which translates to “Trumpet Trousers.”

    American pop song lyrics would sound ridiculous translated into other languages too, you know. Imagine trying to explain “Hit Me Baby One More Time” to someone.
    Psy still owns the record for most YouTube views of all time with “Gangnam Style,” sitting pretty at 2.5 billion.

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