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Seinfeld Cast Makes Videos for Terminally Ill Fan

Quick messages from some of his favorite actors made his last birthday a great one.

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    James Anthony Calder recently passed away after a two-year battle with lung cancer - but before that happened, he got one of the best birthday gifts he could have imagined.

    Calder’s favorite show was Seinfeld, so as his 67th birthday approached, his son reached out to the cast members to see if they would send him a Happy Birthday wish. Amazingly, many of them did.

    After Calder passed away, his son uploaded all of the videos to his YouTube channel, including messages from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Wayne Knight and Patrick Warburton, as well as the actors who played Mr. Lippman, Mickey Abbot, Kenny Banya, J. Peterman, and even The Soup Nazi.

    For people wondering, Michael Richards didn’t want to do a video, but he did call Calder on his birthday. He also received emails from Heidi Swedberg, who played Susan, and Marc Metcalf, who played the Maestro. Basically, if you were in a single episode of Seinfeld, you got contacted.

    The goofiest video has to be by Al Roker, who played himself in an episode and could even remember all his lines from 20 years ago.

    You can donate to the American Cancer Society in Jim Calder’s name:

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