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“Leaf Bug Takes a Crap” is the Latest YouTube Hit

For some reason.

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    It’s pretty straightforward - a guy took a video of this leaf-shaped bug doing something weird, and it turned out it was taking a crap, so he put it on YouTube and called it “Leaf Bug Takes a Crap.”

    “He just took a shit,” the man said perceptively to a woman off screen. “Yeah, I think that’s what that whole thing was about.”

    “Oh my god, that’s hilarious,” she replied drily. “You should videotape it.”

    “I DID videotape it.”

    We’re at 281,748 views and counting.

    This is the first ever post from YouTube account Revelations 4:20, which is either a sly marijuana reference or a nod of appreciation for the Bible’s description of heaven or maybe both. Whoever this guy is, that’s not a bad start for a brand-new channel. I wonder if this is now his thing, though - people expect him to post videos of various animals taking craps in strange ways.

    Weirder channels have happened.

    Couple of nitpicks, though - this isn’t actually a leaf bug, it’s a bush cricket. And it’s not a “he” as the YouTuber says in the video, it’s a female. Taking a crap.

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