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Mom Makes 3-Point Shot to Help Pay Daughter’s Tuition

It was a pretty amazing shot, even if it did bounce first.

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    In your feel-good story for the week, a mom knocked $4,000 off her daughter’s school tuition by making a pretty amazing basketball shot from half court.

    Bethany Academy in Bloomington, Minnesota held an event last week to pack meals for hungry people in their community. Over the course of the event, 235 students put together 41,040 meals in 5 hours.

    Nine-year-old Grace Ramey raised the most money for Kids Against Hunger, which won her the chance to try to shoot a basketball from halfway across the court. If she or her mom made it, she’d get half-price tuition.

    Her mother Angela Ramey took the shot, and at first it fell way short - but then it bounced and went neatly into the basket. Not strictly according to regulations, but we’ll take it.

    Angela told USA Today that she grew up with food insecurity, so this fundraiser was close to her heart.

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