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Did a Facebook Post Predict the Future?

A viral Facebook post makes several outlandish predictions, many of which have come true. Is it for real?

  • We come across bullsh*t stories all the time at What's Trending. Heck, sometimes even WE get fooled, like we did with the fake Hillary Clinton Google "scandal" last week. But this time, we outfoxed the faker. Take that, Pablo Reyes, whoever you are!

    This week a Facebook post went viral in which a man named Pablo Reyes made some pretty outrageous claims, many of which are now true, two of which (the prematurely-reported death of Donald Trump and the coronation of Hillary Clinton as U.S. President) are still false. Here's the original post:

  • Naturally, a lot of folks on Facebook fell for it hook, line, and sinker. What they didn't realize is that Facebook lets users edit old posts to say whatever they want. Reyes's original post from December 26, 2015, was about "white people taking selfies with tornadoes" — an admittedly disturbing phenomenon, but not something worthy of nearly 200,000 Facebook shares. Are you skeptical about me instead of Pablo? Well, here's PROOF, sucka!

  • Facebook nostradamus 1
  • Yep. Totally fake. You can see it yourself by clicking on the little arrow in the top right, then clicking "View edit history." There's further proof that you shouldn't believe everything you read. (Except this. Believe this.)

    What do you think? Did you get fooled by this post, or are you a clever Clarence? Let us know in the comments below, or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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