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Hayes Grier Updates Fans on Health After Dirtbike Accident

The popular Vine star let everyone know on Twitter that he's doing all right.

  • Fans of social media stars are some of the most loyal, devoted fans alive. When YouTuber Marina Joyce appeared to be in trouble earlier this week (don't worry, she's fine), tens of thousands of #savemarinajoyce tweets went out into the Twitterverse. Popular Vine and social media star Hayes Grier was the latest to be the subject of a trending hashtag recently, with #PrayForHayes trending worldwide. Thankfully, according to Grier, he's going to pull through.

    The trend was started yesterday by Hayes' brother Nash Grier, an internet star in his own right. Nash sparked a massive Twitter storm when he tweeted the following to his 5.6 million followers after Hayes got into a dirtbike accident:

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  • That tweet alone was retweeted nearly 50,000 times. But tens of thousands more tweets expressing support for Hayes were close behind.

    A few hours after Nash's original tweet came some reassurance — as well as Nash finding a little humor in a dark time:

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  • The next day, Hayes started tweeting again for the first time since the accident. In addition to retweets of supportive fans and media outlets, he released a few original tweets as well:

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  • Hayes even found time to correct The Wrap for their erroneous tweet about him:

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  • I hope I can have that presence of mind if I ever get a concussion. All kidding aside, our thoughts are with the Grier family, and we wish Hayes a speedy recovery.

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