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Swedish Fish Oreos Are Here, and Apparently They're Terrible

Swedish Fish? Good. Oreos? Good. Swedish Fish Oreos? WHY GOD WHY?!

  • In what people everywhere are calling "the grossest candy combination since that Reese's/Oreo surgical monstrosity from a few months back," Nabisco has announced a new filling for its signature sandwich cookies THAT ARE JUST FINE THE WAY THEY ARE: Swedish Fish. The only problem, as our host RJ Aguiar can tell you, is that they're f*cking gross.

    Now, I love Oreos, and I love Swedish Fish, but Swedish Fish probably shouldn't be ground up into a paste and shoved in an Oreo. Unfortunately, the reviewers agree with me. The Impulsive Buy says the filling "cracks and falls apart like a child’s Play-Doh diorama of the Berlin Wall" and gave the cookies a 3 out of 10. CBS Detroit said, "all I could taste was medicine," and gave them a 1 out of 10.

    The reaction on social media hasn't exactly been positive, either:

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  • What do you think? Would you bite the bullet and try Swedish Fish Oreos, or do you love yourself? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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