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Seal Climbs on Boat to Escape Killer Whales, Internet Falls in Love

This story gets our SEAL of approval!

  • We've seen seals climb into boats before, but last time it was just out of curiosity. This time around, it's pure survival instinct.

    A YouTube user going by the name Kirk Fraser uploaded a series of videos detailing one juvenile seal's harrowing brush with death at the hands (or fins) of a pod of orcas. Here's his video combining every part in the series:

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  • The video first grabbed the internet's attention when Redditor smilingfrog posted one of the videos in the series to /r/videos. (It was later removed for a rules violation.) It really blew up, however, when user IamtheDenmarkian posted a .GIF from the video to the /r/gifs subreddit, where it earned over 8,000 upvotes in just a few hours.

    It's easy to see why so many people are riveted by this video. It's got everything: tension, action, a ticking clock, a cute animal, and nearly insurmountable terror. Though we extend our sympathies to the pod of orcas that had to go without a well-earned meal, we can't help but root for this plucky little fella. He was facing near-certain death, and he found a way out!

    What do you think? Are you Team Seal, or Team Orca? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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