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Taylor Swift Lit Up Twitter by Having Jury Duty Like a Filthy Commoner

I've got a blank space, and I'll write GUILTY.

  • Taylor Swift is just like you and me! She has nasty breakups like us, gets stalked like us, and has to do her civic duty like us! Turns out $250 million can't buy you out of having to do boring stuff once every few years.

    The pop star-slash-highest paid entertainer in the world made headlines recently when she was called in to jury duty in Tennessee. Despite the fact that she's lived in New York for over two years, she's apparently never changed her voter registration. That means that, this past week, she got called in to… wait for it… don't wait for it because it's in the headline… JURY DUTY!

    You heard it here, folks. Taylor Swift is neither an angel sent from heaven to gift us with magical pop music every other fall, nor a demon from hell sent to do battle with the gallant soldiers of the Kardashian/West clan. She's just a regular person (with $250 million). Here's the photo evidence:

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  • Twitter devoted a Moments page to Tay-Tay's shining moment of civic duty, and people were quick to share their takes on the matter:

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  • It turns out that Swift won't actually be sworn in, as she reportedly told a judge she "can't be impartial" in the case, in which a defendant is accused of sexual assault.

    What do you think? Is Taylor Swift now a human in your eyes, now that you've seen her without makeup in a courtroom? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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