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First SNL, Now Fallon: Donald Trump Is Ruining Fun

This is coming from someone who LOVED when Idi Amin filled in for Ed McMahon.

  • It's been nearly a year since NBC first sucked up to America's erstwhile dictator-in-chief by letting him host SNL for some reason. (The reason is ratings, which means, as always, that the reason is money.) This week, NBC got its kissy lips on again, this time asking late night entertainer/sycophant Jimmy Fallon to make Trump look like anything other than an autocratic psychopath. They went with "goofy old man."

    Here's the clip that's got everyone talking:

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  • Oh wow, Trump sure doesn't look like someone who's promised extrajudicial killings, patrolling Muslim neighborhoods, and mass racial discrimination! I sure am gonna vote for him now!

    Jimmy Fallon's whole schtick is that he plays goofy games, laughs at everything his guests say, and generally presents The Tonight Show as a giant ball pit for adults to act like children. In other words, Trump could not have picked a better place to get softballed for ten minutes. Compare the treatment Trump got to how Stephen Colbert interviewed Ted Cruz a year ago:

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  • See, that's how the grownups do it: they have a real conversation, rather than just sling silly bullsh*t back and forth. Colbert asked substantive questions, demanded real answers, kept his audience in check, and managed to stay entertaining. Fallon played with Trump's hair.

    All that said, there's nothing inherently wrong with silly bullsh*t. It's fun. It's consumable without being filling, like Pringles. I like Pringles, and I like watching the occasional bit of Court Fool Jimmy Fallon reuniting the Saved by the Bell cast or Kenan and Kel.

    If the Tonight Show is, for the most part, Pringles, Trump's appearance is like finding a live cockroach in your Pringles can. Sure, there are still chips there, but you're probably not going to touch them or any other Pringles, for at least the next few years. And that's a shame, because when fun stops being fun, we all have to start eating something gross, like Sun Chips.

    What do you think of Jimmy Fallon becoming hell's jester? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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