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This Trump vs. Hillary Dance-Off Video Slays

Some serious moves, POTUS.

  • Filmmaker Scott DW cast some dancers as Donald and Hillz, and just wow.

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  • Just about everyone has been subjected to what is arguably the pettiest and most controversial Presidential campaign to ever exist — remember that whole "Trump asks 'the gays' thing from a few months back? — so filmmaker and producer Scott DW decided it was time for some comic relief. Or some dance relief. Maybe a little of both? Check out his video below:

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  • The video broke out on YouTube this week and has gone viral since. It opens with the two candidates debating, and then switches the scene to what looks like a high school-style dance battle between Hillz and Trump. President Obama shows up to break up the battle, threatening to sell the country to Canada if they don't knock it off. Gee, I sure hope this happens during the debate tonight!!!
    ScottDW also wrote and produced the super catchy "POTUS" song you hear in the background, because he's a badass.

    TBH if Trump's health is really as good as Dr. Oz said it is, maybe he SHOULD be in a dance off. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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