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There Is a Real Life Merman and He Gets Paid for It

Rasta Merman Blix was recently featured on Davey Wavey's channel.

  • Eric Montel is a real life merman. Well, he’s a man who gets paid to be a merman. It’s still really cool, and is another example of how you can chase your dreams. (Hopefully your dreams aren't horrifyingly weird, like these kids' are.) He was featured on Davey Wavey’s channel, which is how we learned of him.

    Montel’s godmother, Natasha, has made all of his tails for him, and she has started a business out of it. When he’s in the water, his name is Blix. He says that if someone tells you you can’t do something, you can be the first. He also believes not every mer-person has to have blond hair and blue eyes.

    Check out Davey Wavey’s original video below. It shows more of Eric Montel’s life and job as a merman.

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  • Montel, 24, appears at events as a merman and is paid per appearance. He says he’s been obsessed with mer-people his entire life, and has been getting paid to appear since 2012, when he was 20. (For more on Montel, check out his profile on BuzzFeed.) He’s spreading his message to black children that they can do or be anything — including mer-folk.

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