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People Take Hands-Free Selfies in 2016's Most Phone-Ruining Trend

Who cares if you crack your phone screen in a million places? These hands-free selfies are awesome!

  • It is 2016, which means we laugh at our current political situation and a make a huge deal out of Kardashian nude selfies. Live for the trend, die for the trend!

    And now, drumroll please, we throw our phones in the air to prove our worth to the Internet! Everyone wants to participate in the latest ~challenge~ and thanks to Twitter sensation Seth Schneider, we have just that. Check it out.

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  • Warning: You'll probably absolutely break your phone (or at least crack it) while participating in this challenge...which should have been your first reaction TBH, not 'oh sh*t let me throw my phone real quick'. But who am I to judge? Do it if you bad!

    Is this the worst challenge yet? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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