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These YouTube Stars Are Causing Drama Over Some Allegedly Fake Pranks

Because there's never enough drama to go around.

  • Long story short:
    1. FouseyTUBE is a popular YouTube channel that puts up a lot of prank videos.
    2. A creator named Colossal is Crazy is claiming that FouseyTUBE's footage is staged, and his pranks are F A K E. Colossal made a video to document these allegations — a video that happens to be mostly made of FouseyTUBE's footage.
    3. So FouseyTUBE filed a complaint to have the video taken down, and now Colossal is raging on Twitter about FouseyTUBE using copyright laws to censor Colossal's opinion.
    4. SIGH.

  • Philip DeFranco decided to weigh in on the ~issue~.

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  • Colossal is not happy with Fousey.

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  • It's all just water under the YouTube bridge, but what do YOU think? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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