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People Are Losing It Over This Mom's Intense Holiday Preparation

Does your mom close off the living room before Thanksgiving too?

  • People on the internet can't get over this teen's mom. And here at WT, we LOVE inspiring stories about your mom. She's so incredibly dedicated to keeping the living room clean until Thanksgiving that she actually "closed" the room until further notice. You CAN, however, enter the room if you are "freshly laundered", but not just under any circumstance.

    When you think about it, she's not wrong. Why would you want to clean the living room more than once?!

    Anyways here's their family photo, courtesy of Nick Denbow, the teen who outed his mom's cleaning habits.

  • Nick Denbow and his lovely family.



  • Here's the original Tweet that got us all oh so interested.

    Source: / Via:

  • This was all she wrote.

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  • Nick said that although he thinks his mom's preparation techniques are entertaining, his little brother is "irritated" that he can't watch TV.

    According to BuzzFeed:

    "Denbow said so far no one has gone into the living room, not even after showering or wearing freshly laundered clothing as per the conditions on the sign."

    I guess you'd have to be SUPER clean to go in there. What do you think? Do you know moms like this? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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