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Kids Are Running Away From Donald Trump in the #TrumpsComing Challenge

He's the physical embodiment of Voldemort, I'm telling you.

  • Kids these days. There’s a new viral trend taking over the internet, and it's called the #TrumpsComing Challenge. Inspired by the Andy's Coming Challenge (an homage to Toy Story in which where everyone drops to the ground like a lifeless toy after someone yells "Andy’s coming"), the trend is all about shouting "Trump's coming!" in public and recording people running away. This comes after, of course, the mannequin challenge.

    I mean, who isn’t afraid of Trump? Clearly these people are rational, sane individuals. They know it’s in the self-interest of all Americans to simply run away from Trump. That’s what I’m doing by moving to Canada.

    Anyways, this new trend does look interesting. I especially like the part where it’s causing mass panic. Nothing like a good public panic. A frenzy rejuvenates the bones.

    Take a look at some of the videos participating in #TrumpsComing:

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  • I feel so old, because this is something I would never participate in. We’ve come a long way from the entire school lip syncs. It takes so much more to excite kids these days. I feel like the old man yelling at the cloud, except my cloud is the White House for the next four years.

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