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Nordstrom Is Selling This Rock in a Pouch for $85

And people are actually buying it so I don't know who's really at fault here.

  • This is the Nordstrom Rock.


    If you type "Nordstrom Rock" into Google, it will ask if you mean Nordstrom RACK. You don't. This is an actual rock that Nordstrom is selling to people online. It has been purchased, and there are product reviews. (We much prefer the other Rock — you know, the one who makes musicals about millennials and sings in Moana.)

  • So many puns to be made...

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  • And it EVEN comes with free shipping!!!

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  • Also, Nordstrom had this AMAZING response to a customer inquiry.

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  • Well if 2016 hasn't been the year of WTF then GOD BLESS 2017. Hope you all get rocks for the holidays. Cheers.

    Let us know what you want for Christmas in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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