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Ronda Rousey Releases Action-Filled Trailer for Her Rousing Comeback

In preparation for her December 30th fight with Amanda Nunes, Ronda Rousey released a cinematic trailer exploring her feelings and promising a comeback.

  • It's been a long road ever since UFC legend Ronda Rousey had her devastating defeat to Holly Holm in 2015, but with the release of this incredibly cinematic UFC promo, it looks like Ronda Rousey is back and ready to prove herself again as a champion.

    This trailer, which takes cues from Rocky, Creed and so many other legendary fighting films, shows Ronda Rousey watching her rise — and her fall from the past year. Yes, she used to be number one. Yes, her defeat shocked the sports world. However, Ronda shows us she's been training and soon will fight her way back to the top!

    You wanna watch this exciting mini movie? The trailer is below.

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  • Pretty cool! We at What's Trending will be waiting with bated breath for this December 30th rematch and know that no matter who wins it will be a fight for the ages.

    Tell us what you think in the comments or find us at @WhatsTrending and remember — if you leave a mean comment, Ronda Rousey will fight you. And oh, the fists shall fly!

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