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Thief Breaks Into McDonald's Drive Thru Window

Police are on the look-out for a real-life Hamburglar.

  • A woman was caught on camera breaking into a McDonald's by crawling through an unlocked drive-thru window.

    After grabbing a soda, the woman goes looking through the McDonalds for more free stuff. Then, the woman spends over 20 minutes robbing the restaurant of cash, food, and happy meal boxes.

    At some point during the robbery, the woman realizes she might be on camera and decides to pull her shirt over her head to hide her identity. Police have said the Great Cornholio is wanted for questioning, but is not a suspect in this case…

    The woman then leaves the McDonald's through a regular door, pulls the box of stolen stuff out of the drive-thru window, and then tries to shut the drive-thru window while the box is still in it. Why didn't she just take everything out of the regular door?! I guess a McDonald's heist is a high-stress situation.

    The robbery, obviously, caught the attention of social media.

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  • This, however, is not the first high-profile burglary.

    After breaking into a Five Guys restaurant in Washington, D.C., a man made himself a double cheeseburger, grabbed a fountain drink and a bottle of water, and left!

    What do you think of the Maryland McDonald's heist? Let us know in the comments or at @WhatsTrending on Twitter.

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