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Shoshi Games 2014 Rivals The Real Olympics

Shoshi Games 2014 Rivals The Real Olympics

  • Everyone's favorite Girls character, Shoshanna Shapiro, is now the star of a hilarious tumblr page. The recently launched, "Shoshi Games 2014" pokes fun at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

    Here's some of the best memes it has created:

    With the caption: "OMG what’s he Putin there?"

    caption: "Are we going to a Drybar? #helmethair"

    Caption: "#CampRamah #Summer2007 #archery #nbd"

    If you're a Girls fan, you're probably a fan of this tumblr page. Though it isn't unbelievable, especially after Shosh showed off her kickboxing skills outside that warehouse in Bushwick... That counts, right?


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